White Labeling - Overview and How To

Learn which communications go to which users when you white label

There are 3 user types that use our software. We will go over each type of user and which communications will have your brand or your client's brand:

1. Account Owner
This is the person who signed up for the software. Communications include billing emails, for example. The communications will all come from us.

2. Subusers (Agency branded communications)
These are employees and clients that you assign User credentials to as part of your workflow. Subusers receive workflow emails, including approval requests for social posts or moderation approval requests for end users who submit User Generated Content. You can white label the following communications for these users: The software dashboard they log into will have Agency branding and the workflow emails will come from the agency SMTP server. This can be setup in the Agency Dashboard in the White Label tab.

3. End Users (Client branded communications)
These are customers and prospects who interact with social media campaigns, like sweepstakes and photo contests, etc. End Users receive campaign notification emails, like 'Thanks for signing up, John!' for example. You can white label the following communications for these users: The campaign microsites can be accessed via the client's domain, like contest.pepsi.com for example. The campaign notification emails can also come from Pepsi's SMTP server so they appear to come directly from them. This can be set up in Account Preferences.

The following video goes into more detail:

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