Countdown Timers & Call-to-Action Buttons

Make more awesome campaigns with these new countdown timers and call-to-action buttons.

1. New Countdown Timers

**This requires action if you have an active contest or sweepstakes.

**If you have live sweepstakes or contests before the 12th of February 2020, you must add a countdown timer to your campaign. The red text alert letting people know when they must enter the sweepstakes or contest is being replaced with a more flexible and attractive countdown timer. That means it will vanish from your campaign overnight. Please watch the video below to see how to add one to your campaign.

These timers allow you to set a countdown with one of three end times/dates:

  1. Contest End Date - Your timer will reach zero when your contest or sweepstakes ends. If you have multiple award periods, it will end and reset automatically at the end of the current period.
  2. Duration After Page Load - Your timer will reset with each visit from a new person. For example, if you want to create urgency by saying there are only a few minutes left to get this deal, you can set this to 10 minutes. Each visitor will see 10 minutes counting down when they visit.
  3. Fixed Date/Time - Use this to promote your live events or special offer. Your timer will reach zero when that date/time arrives.

2. Call-to-Action Buttons

You will now be able to place a large CTA button in your header and multiple CTA buttons throughout your campaign. When they click the button, it will smooth scroll them down to wherever your submission form is. This will allow you to create long-form awesome campaign designs and still have prominent, above-the-fold calls-to-action.

Here's a video tutorial on how to add CTA buttons to your campaigns.

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