Viral Sweepstakes Campaign is Here!

Create Viral Sweepstakes campaigns that will skyrocket your audience engagement and help you generate thousands of leads.

Here's what you need to do to create your very own Viral Sweepstakes and launch in a few clicks.

1. Go to Campaigns menu.

2. Click on 'Add New.' It will pull up all campaign templates.

3. On the 'Apply Filters' section, click on 'Sweepstakes.'

4. Select the 'Viral Sweepstakes' template by clicking on the 'Use this template' button.

5. The system will use your account preferences and settings to create a specific campaign for you. Once the campaign is automatically generated, you will be on the Design step of this campaign. You can edit here the Entry Page and the Thank You Page as you like. You can also go to the Settings step of the campaign to run through it and even more customize your Viral Sweepstakes. Take a look at the 'How to Earn Entries' section and have fun adding rewards to actions that you want your audience to take. 

6. When you're done with the Settings and Design steps, you can go to 'Save and Deploy' step. Your Viral Sweepstakes microsite url is ready for launch.

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