How to setup the Webhooks integration

Do you want to use Webhooks to integrate with us? Here's how to set it up.

Instructions for Webhooks integration

  1. Enter the callback URL where data should post in the Webhook URL field.

  2. Set a security token that will pass with each post to ensure that the data originated from us. Also, enter the value of the token that should pass.

  3. Click ‘Map Fields’ and enter the parameter names you want to post to that URL. To the right of each field, select the field that contains the corresponding data.

  4. You’re ready to test. Launch a test campaign, select Webhook in the settings step and submit a test entry to that campaign. This will post the data to the callback URL you provided. When you submit the campaign form, POST Data to webhook URL as a POST Variable named  “webhook_fields_array”. Inside that POST variable will be sent as an array. From here you can see the exact format of the data. Here is a sample array:


             [email] =>

             [prefix] => Mr.

             [firstname] => John

             [lastname] => Peter

             [address] => CA, USA

             [address2] => 

             [city] => CA

             [security_token] => success


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