Agency Dashboard Feature

Find out about Workspaces and Agency features.

You can now convert your accounts into Workspaces which allows you to streamline your workflow and impress the hell out of your clients:

  • Single Sign-in is here. Now your team members can sign in once and easily switch between Workspaces. Their sub-user permissions will still be enforced.
  • Pool your account limits to avoid getting bumped into a higher pricing tier. Now your high-volume accounts will be able to use available campaign entry limits and social profile limits from your low-volume accounts.
  • White Label is here. Replace our logo with yours. Replace our favicon with yours. Change the fonts and colors throughout our software to match your branding. Now when clients log in to view their real-time account dashboard or approve a social post, they will think your team has built a proprietary software tool to manage their accounts. (To activate this feature, you need at least five Workspaces. Remember, one account equals one Workspace.)

☝️To add a workspace using an existing account, watch the video at 3 minutes 57 seconds mark.

☝️To add a workspace using a code you just purchased, watch the video at 4 minutes 41 seconds mark.

☝️To add  a single sign-on, watch the video at 5 minutes 50 seconds mark.

☝️To watch the Full Agency Training Video, go here.

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