How to track and report on e-commerce store revenue

Track your e-commerce store's social media, campaign & share button revenue.

Do you have a WooCommerce store? Please go to this article.
Do you have a Shopify store? Please go to this article.
All other stores, read on...

Now you can track social media, campaign & share button revenue in our dashboard. You'll also be able to set purchase goals for your refer-a-friend programs and award bonus entries in your referral sweepstakes campaigns! Follow these steps:

1. Obtain your account-specific sales tracking pixel in Account Preferences.

2. Copy the tracking pixel to your clipboard with cmd + c on a Mac or ctrl + c on a PC.

3. Log in to your e-commerce store admin settings and locate the section that allows you to add a 3rd part script or pixel to your order confirmation page. (see screenshot below for an example).

4. Paste your tracking code from your clipboard with cmd + v on a Mac or ctrl + v on a PC.

The "0.00" part needs to be replaced with the variable parameter provided by your e-commerce store provider. Please check their Help or ask their customer support. Don't use the sample pixel code from the screenshot below, be sure and paste your account-specific pixel code that you copied in step 2 above.

Purchase variables vary from website to website, so you'll have to work with your developer to understand your website's variables. Here are some common examples:

  • Shopify:  '{{ total_price | money_without_currency }}','currency':'USD'
  • Magento:  <?php echo $amount; ?> 
  • WooCommerce:  <?php echo $order->get_order_total(); ?> 
  • Squarespace:  {orderGrandTotal} 
  • BigCommerce:  %%ORDER_SUBTOTAL%%;

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