How does stacking of codes work?

Learn what you gain when you stack codes and how you can check stacked codes in your account.

When you purchase LTD codes and stack them in your account, you need to know that one code lets you enjoy a monthly limit of 5,000 campaign submissions, 30 social profiles, and three sub-users. Each code that you stack to a single account, doubles up your campaign submissions and social profiles. The number of sub-users remains at three.

If you want to add more sub-users, you can either:

1. Create an additional account by stacking another code, OR,

2. Add a user with a monthly bill by clicking the 'Add users' button in Account Settings > Account Information.

To check the codes that you've stacked, go to Account > Account Settings > Scroll at the bottom. If only one code is on the list, you haven't stacked any codes. Stacked codes will appear under the first code.

To enjoy the new Agency Dashboard feature, you must stack AT LEAST five codes or have five Workspaces. But you can have unlimited Workspaces if you'd like to, you only need to stack additional codes.

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