What is this SMM tool?

Learn why this SMM tool was developed.

In a dizzying era of social media freeware, platforms, vendor mergers, widgets, apps, specialists, consultants, visionaries and hourly technical innovations, this software reduces the complexity of delivering clear, effective messages to highly targeted audiences by integrating mediums across the leading social networks—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

It is a powerful new social analytics solution for businesses seeking to build and sustain a large social community and automate hundreds of mundane IT tasks that would otherwise require hours of attention daily. 

It frees up the social media team’s time to focus on more strategic tasks. The tool is ideal for small, mid-sized and large companies as well as advertising, marketing services, and public relations agencies. 

With a unique focus on integrating video into any social media program and making the output mobile device-friendly, this SMM tool significantly reduces the risk, cost and complexity of managing this high-impact medium by simplifying the approval and syndication process.

It also adds extreme control over where video and associated content is published and how viewers can engage with a brand, a product, their peers and a larger social community.

This approach to better social results is based on years of experience by its founders and an appreciation for why many social campaigns don’t work—because the devil is in the details—which we deliver through an impressive workflow that saves time and money while improving reach and results.

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