White Label Application Instructions - Twitter

Here's how to configure the white label application settings.



How will you use the Twitter API or Twitter data?

In your words

In English, please describe how you plan to use Twitter data and/or APIs. The more detailed the response, the easier it is to review and approve.

Answer: I use a marketing application called Campaign Share that allows me to run photo contests that allow entrants to share their photos on Twitter after I approve them. Campaign Share allows me to use my own API key so my customers see my brand instead of theirs when the sharing permission is requested. 

Please describe your planned use of these features.

Answer: This app will only use the tweet functionality. Once I approve the submitted photo, the app will tweet the photo to our twitter feed automatically.

Once your developer account is approved, click the link in the email from Twitter to create your app:


[enter name of your app, we recommend the name of your company]


[We recommend ‘This app will only tweet what you are asking it to tweet.’]


[enter your company website]

Callback URL


Tell us how this will be used

Answer: When our clients submit entries to our photo and video contests, once we approve the entry, this app will post the entry to the client's Twitter feed. The reason we wait until after the entry is approved is that if the contest entry gets posted to their Twitter feed before it is approved, the friends who click the link will not be able to vote for the entry because it only appears on the contest microsite after it is approved.


[enter your company name]

Organization website

[enter your company website]

Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter

******This should be checked

Application Icon

[Upload an icon, we recommend your company logo]

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