How to make the most of the Queue feature of Publish editor

Understand how the Queue feature works.

You can make the most of the Publish editor's Queue feature by creating several social posts in one category, selecting 'Add to Queue', and enabling 'Requeue' using the option that suits well your publishing goal. 

When you do this, the software will post for you in the following order:

Newest queue post goes last. However, it goes before ALL requeue items.

In other words, the OLDEST queue post goes first.

OLDEST ReQueue posts go after ALL queue posts, but before other ReQueue posts.

You can set your queue posts AS LONG as you choose to. If you create unique social posts and add them to queue, the software will publish unique social posts to your social networks automatically on that duration following the schedule of that category.

Deleting Published Social Posts

In case you make a mistake of publishing a post to your social channels, and you want to remove the post, you can also do that by going to the Sent folder, find that post, go to Actions menu on the right side, click on the dropdown arrow and select 'Delete.'

When you do this, it will automatically delete the posts from Facebook and Twitter. 

It won't delete on LinkedIn and Instagram. You'll have to manually delete those by logging in to each account and delete it from there.

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