How to Access Your Social CRM Database

Learn about your Social CRM Database and how you can view it.

Every user who engages with a campaign or Share Button will be added to your Social CRM database to track their engagement, reach, sharing & conversion activity. Advanced search filters are available to identify leads that match your demographic requirements. Reach out to your most influential advocates directly or export the entire database to Excel or your CRM.

These individuals have engaged with your campaigns or share buttons. For each individual, a photo, name, page links, email, status (prospect, lead or customer. Status changes when they visit pages containing conversion tracking code), last text post, last post date, number of Facebook friends, number of Twitter followers, number of LinkedIn connections, number of referred visits, number of referred leads, number of referred sales, their age and their gender are displayed .

To view the Social CRM Database:

  1. Click the Report button.

  2. Click on Social CRM Database.

  3. To visit an individual’s social page, click the page link icons.

  4. To export the data, click Export to CSV. You can then use the data in your marketing efforts.

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