Series: How to Add a New Series

Learn how to add a new series.

When you add a new series, you can define whether the series will be automatically triggered or scheduled in advance.

To add a new series:

  1. Click on the Campaigns button.

  2. On the Campaigns page, click on the Series button.

    1. To enter a new triggered series, click on Triggered Series.

    2. Type a Series Name.

    3. Click the drop-down arrow to choose a campaign that will be displayed immediately.

    4. Choose to either End the Series here or Display the Next Campaign on the selected date. Click the Calendar icon to choose a date. First, select the time, then click the date to confirm your selection.

    5. Repeat for up to five campaigns.


1. To enter a new split test series, click on Split Test Series.

2. Type a Series Name.

3. Click the drop-down arrow to choose the first campaign to be randomly rotated.

4. Choose to either End the Series here or Add another campaign to the split test.

Note: To view the results of your split test, click the Report button, select Campaigns, and select Split Test Report. Select a split test from the drop-down list.

Repeat for up to five campaigns.

  1. When you have finished, click Save & Deploy. Use this deploy code & link to add the campaign series to your web pages and other marketing touchpoints.
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