Campaigns: Customizing How and Where Campaign Submissions Are Syndicated

Customize how campaign submissions appear in the social feeds.

Once you have chosen the campaign settings, you can control how campaign submissions appear in the social feeds and which of your social accounts the submission will be shared to. The Preview & Edit section displays an approximation of how your published message will appear on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  To edit the content of the share or add hashtags, click the Edit links below the Preview. It is a good idea to come up with a unique hashtag for your contest so twitter followers can search by that term within Twitter and view/retweet submissions.

To customize the campaign social share:

  1. Choose the link that will be attached to the posts your customer shares (for example, Company Home page, microsite or other links).

  2. Type a video comment to encourage your customers to write something positive by pre-populating the video comment field with a phrase or two. They can edit and share to the social networks of their choosing.

  3. Place a checkmark to add a coupon or whitepaper to your customer comments. A link to your coupon or white paper will be added to the end of the customer's message when they share it to the social networks. The Link is the location of your coupon or white paper and the Call-to-action will be the text in front of the link. The link you provide will be shortened and tracked.

  4. Place a checkmark to also publish customer shares to your company’s social accounts. When a customer shares a submission to this campaign, it can post to your accounts on that network as well. For example, if they share to Facebook, it will also share to all of your Facebook accounts or fan pages based on the accounts you select. Deselect the social networks if you don't want it posted to your account.

  5. Click Next to Save & Deploy your Campaign.

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