Campaigns: Save and Deploy Your Campaign

Learn how to save and deploy your campaign.

Once you have customized the campaign social share, you can save & deploy it.  You can embed the campaign into your web pages. Copy and paste the displayed code into an HTML webpage where you want it to appear. These iFrame apps are called Social Tiles.

You can also use the microsite URL to integrate your campaign into other marketing efforts, like email, sales collateral, product packaging, billboards, direct mail, signage, etc. Use the provided URL to create a Facebook page tab for your fan pages by adding an ‘s’ to the ‘http’ prefix when Facebook prompts you to enter ‘Secure Page Tab URL’. For example, http will become https. See Facebook documentation for more information on creating a page tab.

Use the link and/or QR Code. To download the QR Code, right-click and save. Mac users, hold down your Control button while you click.


The contest console allows you to award one or more contest participants and manage your contests. To access this console, from the Campaigns Home page, click a contest and the Contest Console will appear next to the Edit button above.

To declare winners:

  1. Click the submission you intend to select as the winner and click 'View Voter IP Addresses' to make sure there aren't votes from a series of suspiciously similar IP Address. You may choose not to count those votes.

  2. Click to select each entry you have selected as the winner.

  3. Click the 'Declare Winner' button. The winners will now be labeled as winners in the Microsite and Social Tile.

  4. Notify the winners using the email address provided next to each entry. You can also export the entire participant list and announce the result.

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