Campaigns: Referral Campaigns vs. Engagement Campaigns: Which One Is the Right Campaign?

Understand what a Referral and an Engagement Campaign is.


Referral campaigns help drive traffic to your website and boost your brand’s word-of-mouth. When your customers engage with a Referral Campaign, links to your website will post to their social news feeds. This allows you to leverage your customer relationships to drive traffic and conversions.

 You can choose from the following Referral Campaigns:

  • Company Testimonials — Generate recommendations for your company with video and text testimonials across social media and scrolling on your website.
  • Product Testimonials — Syndicate video and text recommendations for your product, service or event across all marketing channels.
  • Video Product Reviews — Embed a video review app on every product page of your website to capture and syndicate your customer's passion and convert more website traffic.
  • Customer Stories – Customer stories let your customers tell their social network, your social network and your website visitors about what it's going to be like to own your product.
  • Share a Deal, Get a Deal — Attach a coupon link to a social recommendation and you have a powerful customer acquisition campaign. Your customer and their friends get the link in your customer's social news feed.
  • HR Recruiting Contest — Employees compete by recording and sharing a video about why they enjoy working for your company. Mention in your share description that jobs are available and you'll be fighting off applicants! We recommend using your jobs page as the shared link and embed a Social Tile from this campaign on the page. If that isn’t possible, you will want to use the Campaign Microsite as the link to share, and then select Add a Coupon or White Paper and use your jobs page as the Link and ‘We’re Hiring! Check Out Our Open Positions’ as the Call-to-Action. This link will be added to the message that your employee posts


Engagement Campaigns help you grow and retain your community of customers, fans and followers. When your customers engage with an Engagement Campaign, links back to the campaign will post to their social news feeds. This creates a viral effect that maximizes the reach of your campaign.

You can choose from the following Engagement Campaigns: 

  • Video Contest — Great for generating many videos in a short period of time. The software's automated system will run the contest and select the winner based on the number of votes.
  • Photo Contest — You come up with a great theme and your customers upload photos from their mobile phones or PC and anyone can vote on which is best.
  • Essay Contest — You come up with a theme and your customers will come up with creative product-use stories that acquire and convert new customers.
  • Photo Sharing — Create your own moderated photo sharing app on your website or Facebook Fan Page. Choose a theme that interests your target audience.
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