Campaigns: How to Deploy Your Social Media Campaigns

Launch your social media campaigns with these steps.

Word-of-mouth is free, it is infectious, and it rarely happens by accident. Our software provides the tools you'll need to lift your brand's word-of-mouth to viral levels. With Social Media Campaigns, you can easily target all your customer touchpoints, including website, email, direct mail, fan pages, product packaging, and store displays.

Our campaigns are unique in that when your customer shares to one or more social networks while engaging with any campaign type when you approve the submission, it posts to the customer’s social news feed and to your social news feed for each of the networks they authorize. The message that posts to your social news feed are modified slightly to give attribution to your customer as the contributor.

If it is a video campaign, the video will also post to your YouTube channel (You must link the software to your YouTube channel. Contact support to request this). All campaigns generate a link to a mobile & desktop optimized Microsite and HTML code for embedding a Social Tile within a web page. A Social Tile is a smaller version of the Microsite designed to integrate your campaigns into pages of your website or blog.

With just three easy steps you can create and deploy social media campaigns:

  1. Use the wizard to create video, photo and social referral and engagement campaigns.

  2. Paste the provided code into all of your customer touchpoints.

  3. Approve the customer recorded video, text and photo submissions as they arrive.

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