How to edit campaign forms, background image, social share image

Customize the campaign forms, background image, social share image in your social media campaigns.

Each question is answered in the video on the given timestamp.

00:00:00 - 00:00:23 How can I change "First" and "Last" to "First Name" and "Last Name"?

00:00:28 - 00:00:45 I inserted a background image, but when I go to 'Preview' the image is cut-off on the desktop version. How to fix this?

00:00:48 - 00:02:30 Some of the text is hard to read above the form 'Submit'. Is it possible to move the text below the image and above the form? Also, how can I fill the text box color so it stands out?

00:02:34 - 00:03:15 On Social Share, it still shows the campaign's default image. I've changed the campaign's image already, how can I change the Social Share image too?

00:03:18 - 00:04:00 Can I limit the Social Share only to Facebook, and not to Twitter and LinkedIn?

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