How to View Your Optimal Send Times Reporting and Analytics

Learn how you can check your Optimal Send Times Reporting and Analytics.

This grid illustrates the best times to publish to each of the social networks to accomplish the objective you select. You can limit the results to one or more social networks and one or more days of the week.

For example, if today is Wednesday and you want to know what the best time to publish a special offer on Facebook and Twitter, you would: Optimize for Sale Conversions, Select Facebook and Twitter, and select the remaining days of the business week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). The report will show you which of those days and what time during that day that you should post to maximize the revenue from your post.

To view the Optimal Send Times Reporting and Analytics:

  1. Click the Report button.

  2. Click on Optimal Send Times.

  3. Select your filters.

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